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ABOUT Peter Petrou Fitness

At Peter Petrou fitness I believe enjoying what you are doing is the key to fitness. I try to explain to people that I could put you on the best and most scientifically designed exercise program in the world that is guaranteed to give you success.

Yet, if you don’t like it you won’t do and you won’t get success. On the other hand, you could be on the most simple exercise program in the world that you love, you will then do it and you will get success and success is what you are after.

Our Core Values

It’s easy to get fit, it’s just hard work.” …I think of myself as more of an adviser than anything else, I mean you are the one doing most of the work and most of the sweating, my job is to get you doing the right exercises so that you can achieve and maintain the results you are after and make sure you are doing them safely. Each client is an individual with his or her own needs and wants and this will be taken into consideration on our first meeting where I will sit down with you, find out exactly what you want to achieve, what you can do or can’t do, find out if you have any pre-existing condition I may need to work around, get you to fill out a pre-exercise questionnaire and most importantly find out what you enjoy doing with your training so that I can then go away and find the appropriate program for you. 

If, like most of my clients and the majority of the population you have a sedentary job and weight loss and toning are what you are after this is what I will generally prescribe…

Step Process

Firstly and possibly the most important thing I try to install in my clients is core conditioning – the development of a strong, stable and functioning torso or to be precise the deep tissue muscle that wraps right around your midsection. A stable core provides the ‘foundation’ for all other movements and must be established prior to other activities such as weight training and aerobic exercises. It’s also crucial for maintaining good posture and preventing back pain as well as improving the aesthetics of the torso and helping you reach peak physical performance.

The second thing is a combination of weight training, aerobic exercise and sound eating habits, which is shown to be the most effective combination for fat loss and toning. When starting out a lot of my clients, especially the girls, tell me they don’t want to lift weights as they don’t want big muscles like big burly body builders, but this is something most people don’t have to worry about. Those body building guys train very hard, they also lift specifically for hypertrophy (muscle gain) and sometimes have a little extra help! What I’m talking about when lifting for weight loss is to lift in order to build lean muscle mass.

Training Details:

While aerobic exercise burns fat during exercise, anaerobic exercises, like weight training, sprints and boxing, utilises fat for hours afterwards. Weight training can also increase the metabolic rate a second way, it restores muscle tissue (that has been lost over the years from a sedentary modern lifestyle), and the more lean muscle mass you have the faster your resting metabolic rate will be. So you’ll continue burning fat while sitting on your butt at work or watching TV!

But exercise is only half the picture, if you really want to lose weight you need a proper diet as well, so you will find lots of useful diet and nutritional information in my monthly newsletters.

Pete wants to help those who suffer from mental illness through exercise.

Pete has a lot of experience helping people deal with mental illness.

Due to his experiences he understands the correlation of regular exercise, proper diet and nutrition habits and a regular sleeping pattern are vital in battling mental illness.

Because of this and the prevalence of mental illness in Australia. Peter has made it a special mission of his to help people with mental illness through exercise. He has articles published on the subject and has talked at seminars about the benefits of exercise and mental illness.

To alleviate the costs, any participant with a referral from their GP stating that they suffer from some sort of mental illness will receive a 25% discount on their training.