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Peter Petrou

Fitness and Boxing Specialist
I help people just like you get in shape by creating a workout you will actually enjoy & therefore perform regularly
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Who Am I?

As a former professional boxer and elite Australian amateur representative Pete has a lot to offer as a personal and group fitness trainer. Unlike a lot of others in the industry who have just done one or two fitness courses, Pete has been an athlete and have actual real training experience. </ br></br >

My aim is to provide top quality training at a sensible price. I believe just because you can afford to live in Sydney doesn’t mean you should have to pay exorbitant prices for health and wellbeing.</ br></br >

I provide complete workouts, not just boxing, to a wide range of clients including other personal trainers. But don’t be put off by this, I specialise in boxing, weight loss, strength & conditioning, kettlebell training, Olympic lifting, core stability & women’s fitness including exercise during pregnancy & postpartum training. I tailor programs to suit individual needs.

Core Skills

Pete has a professional athletes background as he represented Australia in boxing, Pete has lived & breathed fitness & therefore he feels he is the perfect person to get you into shape.</ br> </ br>

Pete also writes custom-designed training programs for physical clients or clients online. </ br></ br>

Contact Pete for expertly designed functional weights training programs.</ br></ br>

Custom designed kettlebell programs designed to iron out any muscular imbalances.</ br></ br>

Running programs.</ br> </ br>

Does strength and conditioning with athletes but don’t be overawed as he specializes in helping normal people with normal jobs and normal lives get fit.



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Special Offer

All new clients can start training and get their first 10 sessions for an up front payment of $500
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Why People Chose Me

With over 20+ years experience in personal training & a background in being a professional athlete, we understand what it truly takes for you to get into good shape & want to help you acheive results.


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Pricing Plan

Here are the pricing option for personal training with Peter Petrou

1 on 1 Training

Free Hand, Gym Fitness, Running

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Free Hand, Gym Fitness, Running


Free Hand, Gym Fitness, Running

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